JAUZ is one of those artists that can truly accomplish anything he sets his mind to. We’ve seen him bust out the dirtiest of wubs, enormous 808s, and some of the most imaginative remixes available. Lately JAUZ has been dominating the deep house game by developing new techniques while staying true to his background in heavy bass music. We saw this in his original “Feel The Volume” and now he’s taken his genre-pureeing robot coupe of a brain and applied it to A$AP MOB‘s “Hella Hoes.”

One of the challenges of genre blending a remix, especially when it comes from moving from a halftime pattern (dubstep, trap, etc.) to a 4×4 beat (house, trance, etc.) is retaining the aura of the original. As it relates to this track, “Hella Hoes” is a pretty dark and thugged-out hip-hop tune and house music tends to be much more light hearted. By crawling deep into the house to work on this track, JAUZ preserves the murky industrial vibe of A$AP MOB while alluding the temptation of the stereotypical trap remix you would expect.

Soundcloud hates remixes so you can only stream a preview below. Regardless, you can grab a free download here.

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