Yoko Ono is more than a musician. She is a social icon that was married to one of the most influential musicians of all time, John Lennon. Her song “Angel” has just received remixes from Dave Aude, Soul Cartel, Mike Cruz and our friend DANK. He’s never failed us before and now he hasn’t failed Ono or Twisted Records, who backed these tracks wholeheartedly. At least, I’d assume so; I am, given how exemplary these edits are. The first being an incredibly solid Melbourne take, which comes as no surprise since he’s produced gold with the genre in the past. Really though, if you delve into all his releases, they’re gold no matter the genre. Hence, the second remix being trap and owning up to a totally different vibe. If you aren’t genre biased, I invite you to try and put yourself through the stress of trying to pick a favorite. I mean, you’re gonna listen to them both a billion times anyways, whether you stream or make a purchase of the tunes yourself.

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