Having just released his new EP on Excision’s Rottun Recordings, it’s clear multi-genre producer LUMBERJVCK is at an exciting point in his career. With “JVCKWOOD” being such a seriously dark selection of sounds, we wanted to find out more about the artist behind the sounds.

Why the name LUMBERJVCK? Would you happen to have any woodsman origin in your blood?

The name “LUMBERJVCK” started in college. I was making a lot of music at the time and I knew I needed an original name to thrive as a musician. My friend was wearing a plaid snow hat with ear muffs one night and the name came to me. I switched the “a” out for a “v” to stay original.

What snacks/drinks do you like to have on hand while producing?

When I’m producing, I always have a Dr. Pepper or Snapple to drink and some Cheezits or Goldfish for snackage.

Have you ever faced writer’s block? If so, what would you recommend to overcome it?

Of course. I think every musician experiences writers block at one point. When I experience writers block, I usually play some Xbox Live or League of Legends to get fresh ideas brewing. Listening to other music also helps me get my inspiration flowing.

You recently played a night out at Avalon in LA. Can you tell us a bit more about how the show went? Do you normally have sets lined up beforehand or do you like to get a feel of the crowd first?

The show was amazing and went very well. I dropped a ton of unreleased tracks for the first time so seeing the crowd reaction was incredible. For this show I planned my mix out to fit everything I wanted to play in a 30 minute span, but I usually get a playlist together and then mix those tracks live based upon crowd response.

What are some tracks you’re digging right now?

There are so many. I think Illenium – ‘Make Me Do‘ is my favorite track right now.

How did you initially get involved with Rottun? Any plans to collaborate with Excision himself?

I sent Rottun a demo of one of the tracks on my EP. They liked the single enough that they wanted a whole EP. I made the rest of the ‘JVCKWOOD‘ EP that week and the rest was history. A collaboration is not planned at this time but I would not be surprised if we did one in the near future.

Last, but not least – tell us a little bit about the new EP.

JVCKWOOD‘ is a sonic journey through a deep, dark and murky forest. The EP is designed to be played from front to back in one listen and takes you on the ride of your life. This is my first official EP release so I am extremely excited to show the world the work I’ve put in.

You can purchase ‘JVCKWOOD’ on Beatport here.