Both house and bass music seem to be fragmentizing into countless sub-genres faster than the outer most ancestral particles of the big bang that are racing toward the ever expanding limit of the known universe. Just when we started to accept the rapid splintering of dance music styles, Frederik Mooij & JELO had to come along and implode every popular genre of the past twenty years into themselves with the The Electro Techno EP Vol. 2. Fans of Deadmau5 will be feeling the club ready vibes (especially from his recent techno-heavy sets), fans of Knife Party will be mesmerized by the ghastly energy and fans of Excision will relish in the industrially somber aura of this exquisitely produced EP.

Your EDM is happy to be premiering Frederik Mooij & JELO‘s The Electro Techno EP Vol. 2, which is now available through Section Z records.

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