Over a decade after its birth, Toolroom Records has become one of the most supreme, independent dance music labels. Toolroom Records has formed into more than just a label, but a celebration of new sounds, faces, places, and lives. With their monumental impact around the world, 2014 has now become their year of new, brand focus developments that will shape the label for the next decade. These new developments will be the #RESET of Toolroom Records, led by Mark Knight, Weiss, and Adrian Hour, as they will all take on the leading roles of the label for the next ten years.

The Toolroom king and the supreme taste-maker of house music, Mark Knight, has spread his plethora of dance music in the digital market and dance floors around the world. With countless, credible house music releases and well-known remixes, Mark Knight continues to shine and remain true to the core of what house music has been all about. More than just his music, he continues to lead the label that remains ever close to his heart. Being the innovator, yet, an organic representation of house music throughout the decade, Mark Knight lets us in on how #RESET will bring forth these qualities for the next ten years.

1. After 10 years of Toolroom Records launch, what were the determining factors that made you choose to RESET your label?

“We’ve had an amazing decade of Toolroom Records. The business has grown and expanded beyond anyone’s expectations and when it came to our tenth anniversary celebrations we started to think about the next ten years of Toolroom. Things grew so quickly owing to our own success, now felt like the time to go back-to-basics and hone in on the core of what we want the label and brand to stand for: quality house music from across the globe.”

2. What will the RESET of Toolroom Records bring forth to the label as a whole, and the fans in return?

“Aside from all the new imagery and branding, RESET represents a new precedent set for the next ten years of Toolroom Records. We want to play to our core strengths and give people both familiar and completely new to the label the best quality music possible. We’ve been lucky to acquire a really loyal following along the way and this is very much about giving them the best of what we can do whilst staying true to ourselves. The artists we have selected to be a part of our roster are definitely just that and we can’t wait to move forward with this exciting new chapter.”

3. How will RESET change the brand/image of Toolroom Records, if so?

“There will be a change in typography and imagery that fans will definitely notice during this transition for us. A lot of love has been given to making sure every element of us as a label is represented properly. As a label it is always a tough balance to allow people to both see and hear change, but I think we have done it really well with #RESET.”

4. You stated, “This album series will represent our new musical spectrum – and ‘Toolroom Live 01’ really achieves that.”
– “new musical spectrum” – what style of new music you trying to showcase?

“For me it is about showing quality house music from every corner of the globe. That includes both the next generation of talents and the established leaders of the industry we have worked with over the years. If you look at the guys we have chosen for Toolroom Live 01 you are getting quality underground house music, versatile techno and then myself, where the focus has always been that middle ground where a quality club track can still have huge universal appeal. We just want to be the best that we can possibly be within that remit.”

5. How did you know Weiss & Adrian Hour would be the perfect fit to run the label with you for the next ten years?

“To start, they are both amazingly talented artists. Weiss and Adrian represent the cream of their respective sounds right now and as part of the Toolroom roster they open up an essential bigger picture as to what we are all about. It’s why we chose to have them mix Toolroom Live 01 alongside myself, as together I think we hit the full spectrum of Toolroom musically. The mixes they have done, alongside my own, represents a musical spectrum we are privileged to occupy as a label.”

The second leader of Toolroom Records, hailing from the UK, is the mighty Weiss. Throughout the years he has released numerous hits off of Toolroom Records, like ‘Weiss City Vol 1, 2, & 3’ and featured tracks off mixes, like Ibiza Vol 2 2014. His deep grooves, thick bass lines, and sharp cuts has granted him to be championed by the likes of Loco Dice, DJ Sneak, Richie Hawtin and many more. Moreover, landing in the top ten charts on Beatport for his track, “My Sister”. With all of his records and singles off the label, touring all over Europe, and now becoming one of the leaders of the label, Weiss shares with us about his new beginning with Toolroom:

1. How does it feel from releasing multiple records off the label, to now becoming one of the head guys running the label for the next ten years?

“It feels great. I’ve always had a great relationship with Toolroom so to be part of the family is fantastic. It’s a no brainier releasing records with these guys because they are so good at what they do. The whole team will always get 100% behind you and make sure everything runs smoothly while I just get on with what I do best, and that’s making music.”

2. For the next 10 years you will run the label with Mark Knight & Adrian Hour, which roles are you taking on for Toolroom Records RESET?

“Producing more music for the guys and playing at there parties, I guess. I’ll also be helping out in finding new talent I would want to have on my label if I had one.”

3. What are your future goals and missions to accomplish with Toolroom Records RESET?

“Releasing great music that comes from the soul.”

4. Your brand, new exclusive track, “I Believe” is featured in ‘Toolroom Live 01’, which definitely showcases a darker, yet, playful sound from your previous releases. With RESET’s launch, do you have any plans of switching up your sound a bit?

“I’ll always switch up the sound on every track I do. I don’t want to release a track that sounds exactly like the last one. My main plan as Weiss is to release good quality house music from the soul and for me to get that buzz I want each track to be different. Yes, this one is a little darker but if you listen to my MK “Always” Remix you’ll notice it’s on the happier side. For me, when it comes to producing I don’t want it to get stagnant so each track will always be different. Like I say, I don’t like to stick to one sub-genre, I just make house music.”

The final leader of Toolroom Records is the Buenos Aries based techno producer, Adrian Hour. He started off his career at the age of 18 with a duo project called 2 Robots, then later transitioning into his solo career in 2013. With many releases through prestigious labels, like Toolroom, Yoshitoshi, Suara, and his productions heard through the sets of many reputable artists in the scene, like Richie Hawtin, UMEK, Chus & Ceballos and Mark Knight, to name a few. Adrian Hour fills us in about his new chapter with Toolroom Records.

1. Weiss, Mark Knight, and yourself selected different tracks of your own for ‘Toolroom Live 01’. With your selections of Pirupa, Erik Hagleton and Coyu & Ramiro Lopez, what inspired you to feature these artists in the first ever, live album series?

“I follow this kind of sound, especially the Coyu & Ramiro Lopez style. This is that kind of techno that I like nowadays, big grooves and personality. The Pirupa and Erik Hagleton tracks are amazing, those vocals and pads sound like they are from another planet!”

2. Your latest exclusive, “Everywhere” is also one of your selections, how is this sound different from ‘Speaking Groove’ EP?

“Everywhere” is the adaptation of the new sound I love; it has that techno base with a trimmed house vocal and psychedelic FX’s. “Speaking Groove EP” had no vocals and was just pure groove and melodies so I think these new tracks have much more personality and identity, which are important ingredients for my music, movIng forwards!”

3. Throughout the years as a producer, with featured tracks off of Toolroom Records compilations, like Rythmn Distrikt and Miami 2014, and many hits released off the label, how does it feel to be one of the head leaders of the label?

“It feels amazing, I’m so happy with this! Sometimes I stop to think about it and I can’t believe it. This is the reason I work harder than ever now, and stay 100% focused because I know every effort has its rewards so long as you work hard.”

4. With your contribution to the RESET of Toolroom Records, what goals do you want to achieve within the next few years?

“I want everything for sure haha! Release a new solo album, more EP’s, more big collabs, get to know more fans and artists in the industry and travel around the world with my music shaking brains, but what I want more than anything is to be part of something like Toolroom’s RESET and hopefully make a big impact on the dance scene!”

RESET will undoubtedly lead Toolroom into another exciting and dominant ten years, offering the best selections from the world of dance music. The label has also revamped their website with a fresh and modern design; moreover, packed with additional information about #RESET, bio’s about their artist roster, new music and live events. To commemorate this launch, Toolroom will be releasing a brand new album series, Toolroom Live – 01, on September 15, 2014, which will be mixed by Mark Knight, Weiss, and Adrian Hour. The first ever, live series will feature hot tracks from Tube & Berger, Primal Nature, Patrick Topping, Dosem and many more. As well as brand new tracks from the three leaders of Toolroom Records. Cheers to the next ten years of Toolroom Records!

Check out their brand new website and stay tuned for more exclusive coverage of the #RESET here at Your EDM!

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