To kick off the month of September properly, Your EDM has teamed up alongside the notorious #JVCKSQUAD this week to present bass heads everywhere with an ultimate giveaway. Having just released his newest JVCKWOOD EP on Excision’s Rottun Recordings last week, Connor Schatzel, better known as LUMBERJVCK, is ready to chop out a brand new high-valued prize for fans across the country.

By entering the competition, you will run your chances at winning an exclusive 1-on-1 production session with the musical woodsman himself (in person if in LA, via Skype if anywhere else). Known for his signature recipe of wobbling basslines and smacking synths, this Californian native will stop at nothing to spread his artistic knowledge to the world. Take your shot at an entry or two down below if you’re feeling lucky! The giveaway will last an extensive 10 days, so be sure to get your ticket in as soon as possible.

P.S. Make sure you check out LUMBERJVCK’s “Jvckwood EP” on Rottun Records!

PURCHASE: Beatport