As one of Abora Recordings‘ top performers in euphoric Uplifters, the courageous might of Erik Iker has been turning many heads with his highly affluent alter alias, Ikerya Project. Erik is most known for main alias, which produces a great interpretation of Deep Progressive and his recent remixes on Progressive House Worldwide and Nueva Digital have made him a serious contender within that realm of murky, underground music. However, his main focus has been on his ‘Ikerya Project‘ as of late, and his latest works have been bursting with boundless energy and spirited gait within his lovely melodies and heavily detailed breakdowns. His recent exploits includes two, fantastic collaborations with Dreamy on Bahamut and Perished Hopes, as well as a brand new single on the prestigious Blue Soho label entitled Feeling, and these tracks, (along with others), have been supported by the likes of Pedro Del Mar, Blueye, Allen & Envy and Talla 2XLC. While he is indeed a go to artist for the fantastic Abora Recordings, Erik has taken a break for now and has moved to AEZ Recordings for the debut of his brand new single entitled United. AEZ is well known for supporting upcoming talent and for presenting stunning, hidden gems of music, and United is definitely no different. With its colossal melodic lines and its masterful arrangement scheme, Ikerya Project opens up the floodgates to allow pure Trance energy to pour forth with his latest release.

Kicking things off with a fiery start, United begins with an instant jolt of electricity as towering basskicks, squealing acid lines and some serious pad work all culminate into a perfect opening for any modern day Trance track. Each element is perfectly balanced in its own unique way and every single instrument is targeted towards achieving the maximum amount of power and depth as possible within the tools provided. Later on, the breakdown carries through with a scatter-pointed arrangement system where voices are free to expresses their musical thoughts anywhere, which not only increases the atmospheric appeal of the track, but also allows for the free flow of timbres to maintain their course unabated and uninhibited. During this process, a luminous synth begins a long, graceful melodic line that tears through the soundscape until the loud thump of a basskick signals the beginning of the true melody to pour through. Over time, the melodic material materializes into a tangible, musical idea and during the buildup, its structured even more with the aid of militaristic drums and agitated basskicks. Finally, it unleashes into a colossal drop that instantly plays its hand with an unusual chord progression, a bellowing sound arrangement and a forceful drive that crushes all who stand within its titanic might. One might think of courage and bravery through this majestic melody and the emotional force that wells up within one’s heart is enough to release all inhibitions and let yourself go free and wild within the fluttering gusts of wind.

Ikerya Project’s United is out now on AEZ Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the Altered States remix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q