Steadily climbing up the Progressive Trance ladder is none other than upcoming talent is that Zuubi, and his recognition as one of the fastest rising Prog artists is only matched by his impeccable track record for quality and control. This Scottish lad is most renowned for his incredibly beautiful, sun-kissed Progressive pieces and favorites such as On The Island, Pink Clouds and Miss You bring out all the best qualities that Progressive has to offer. During his career, he has been supported by big name artists such as Roger Shah, Ad Brown and M.I.K.E. and his consistent drive for the lighter sounds of electronic music has left a certain youthful edge on his productions; perfect for an up and comer such as himself. However, he is also known as a great powerhouse within the Progressive Trance realm, as pieces such as his recent double EP of Lost and Empire have struck a rich chord throughout the entire genre as a whole. While his potential is still great, he is still not at the level that many veterans are currently at and he needs to keep on pushing in order to achieve that level of quality. Of course, that is what we WOULD have been thinking before we heard the absolutely spellbinding new double EP entitled Duality and Connect, as the level of quality has miraculously skyrocketed towards brand new heights. We are honestly a little shocked at the spike of improvement that Zuubi has accomplished in such a short amount of time, but rather than ponder over that issue, we instead present you with a beautiful release that capitalizes on the age old Progressive Trance formula with a burst of zesty energy to revitalize the genre once more.



Zuubi- Duality (Original Mix)

One of the main reasons we adore this piece so much is that Zuubi has the finesse to expertly switch between genres on the drop of a hat and the fantastic mixture of styles really showcases its lush colors and decadent chord play. It begins as a classic Progressive track with minimal percussions, classic Prog stabs and a particularly juicy bassline that cuts through the arrangement and brings it a much need base of fortitude and strength to the piece. Throughout the opening section, a wonderful little arrangement of pianos and pads enter the fray with a glimmering brilliance as female vocal cuts and a supplimenting Prog line bring the energy to a grand high. With a twinkling, spatial synth that glitters from ear to ear, delicate pads bring forth a rapidly growing main melody that strengthens to peak Progressive Trance standards before quickly backing down with the introduction of the main beat. Here, a meaty bassline takes over for the melody and rather than give away the release outright, Zuubi decides to tease the listener before unleashing everything that he’s got. Slowly but surely, the main melody continuously grows as multiple instruments are added in for tension and agitation before it finally releases into a glorious melody that burns with radiant energy. Little snippets, including female vocal cuts and Electro-tinged growling sounds, add to the youthful tinge of this melody and the fantastic harmonic play between two, interweaving melodic lines provides an ever changing landscape with which to become lost in, much like twirling in the middle of a field of wild flowers, where the blur of colors and shapes will leave you spellbound in delight.



Zuubi- Connect (Original Mix)

While this one follows the same suit from the A-Side of this release, it offers a different, more serene character than the previous track, providing another chance for Zuubi to really showcase his broad abilities. Connect starts off with a more upbeat and poppy state of mind, as a more engaging percussion section works in tandem with a faster bassline and a busier arrangement. The cavalcade of pads are definitely the focal point of the opening statement, and the wonderful colors that are revealed within its fluffy white confines are truly a delight to behold. During the breakdown, a simply sublime piano line takes command of the phrase as simmering, murmuring pads whisper memories long gone from this earth. Once again, the main melody slowly creeps up from nothingness onto center stage, but still has a filter placed on it so that it cannot be built up too much. Near the tail end of this section, the melody gradually fades away before punching things into overdrive with a sudden rush that takes advantage of the previous, muffled melody. It’s really quite a great little trick and offers a nice pop at the start of the drop, which adds great amounts of excitement and surprise to his arsenal of abilities. Gradually, more and more instruments are added on top of the main melody until it reaches a fiery, complex phrase that really digs its heels into the sound design with an air of grand brilliance and effortless craftsmanship.



Zuubi‘s double EP, Duality & Connect, is out now on Macarize via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q