Your EDM is proud to sponsor Future FM’s new ‘Resident of the Month’ series. Each month, a highlighted DJ/producer will be dropping by for an exclusive interview and mix, and will be showcasing mixes by other up-and-coming producers of their choosing. For those who are unfamiliar, Future FM is a new source for great music – they offer mixes from a broad range of DJs, and allow artists to share their content with a wider audience.  It’s essentially the SoundCloud of mixes, minus all the takedown notices.

Trance and progressive house virtuoso Arty is kicking off the inaugural installment, and sat down with us for an exclusive interview. Keep an eye out, as we will be releasing his pick of 5 producers’ mixes, as well as his own exclusive mix, in the coming weeks!

For being in his early 20’s, Arty is exceptionally accomplished. The Russian Insomniac producer is currently on tour in the US while also performing as a frequent resident of Drai’s Beach and Nightclub in Las Vegas.  So far, so good:

How have you been enjoying your residency at Drai’s?

I love it. It’s a really fresh layout in Vegas. The view from the club is amazing, and the crowd is getting better with each show that I have. It’s only really positive vibes that I have there right now.

That’s awesome!  How is the crowd there, compared to a regular tour stop?

The Vegas crowd is different to any [other] place in America. People go to Vegas just to have fun. Me DJing there for 2 years, it’s getting better every year. The crowd is more open to deeper sounds.

Between your residency and tour, remixes, and the upcoming album, you’re crazy busy.  Is it hard to find time to do everything?

The best environment for me is when I know I have free time and I can focus on the music. I made a One Republic remix on the road in my European shows with a crazy schedule and I was still able to do something that I really liked. I really went full out for this remix, it’s one of the best that I did. And I think being on the road, it just depends on the conditions on your body, of your mind.

When is that remix coming out?

My remix with One Republic is coming out in September, and after that I have the second single from my upcoming album. That’s kind of the short term plan.

And you have a collaboration with Mat Zo coming out as well, right?

It’s gonna be on my album. We made this track special for the album. I wrote the lyrics for it and decided this could be really good with Mat. So I sent this idea to him and he loved it. I really like to work with him and we’ve done some great stuff in the past, so it was nice to get back on the collaboration side.

Did you write the lyrics for “Up All Night” before you found Angel [Taylor]?

We wrote it together actually, with Tony Gad. I had a couple of melody ideas in my head, so I just shared with these guys, and it was really fast – we wrote it in like 1 day.

Your music continues to evolve but still carries that melody-driven sound. When you sit down to produce, what’s most important to you?

When I went back home to Russia, I had like 10 ideas in my head, and I didn’t know what to do with them. So I would listen to the idea again and again to find the right instrument part for the top line that I had, with the right mood. I was trying to start with the lyric’s meaning – what kind of mood is that? For me, it’s the most natural process of making music. “Up All Night” makes sense because it’s a pretty angry song. It’s about having a tough time with relations, and that’s why the main instrumental part is very aggressive. That was pretty much my whole album – like 99% of the stuff I have there was made that way.

Do you have any musical inspirations that your fans might not expect?

I listen to tons of stuff. I open Spotify and just listen to really random playlists. A couple days ago I listened to funk and disco and it was pretty inspirational to hear. M83 – some of their albums are just amazing. The greatest thing about M83 [is that] when you listen to the album, it’s like one piece from beginning to end. Coldplay, always, I love the direction they take with their albums. Porter Robinson’s album was great too, I’ve been listening to that since he sent me a copy like 2 or 3 months ago. It’s a great achievement and I am happy for him.

What’s most important to you when creating a good mix?

It really depends. If it goes to the radio I would want to go a little bit crazy and play a lot of garage house stuff, some tech house, and even some indie rock. In my radio show I would play Coldplay as well. It has nothing to do with electronic music – it’s just the songs that I like to listen to. With a live performance, it’s definitely going to be my sound, the sound that I have discovered for myself as an artist. I figured out the direction I want to take as a DJ, as a musician. I like to be diverse so it gives me the chance to keep my ears fresh all the time so I can be more creative.

Keep an eye out! We will be releasing Arty’s pick of 5 up-and-coming producers’ mixes, as well as his own exclusive mix, in the coming weeks. In the meantime, head over to Future FM and explore their massive library of free, streaming mixes!

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