In a recent interview with MixmagCarl Cox discussed his Space Ibiza residency and his carefully curated Revolution nights. But the highlights of his interview were when he spoke out about the state of EDM and revealed a techno collaboration with Nile Rodgers.

When asked about his perception on America’s dance music scene, Carl replied:

EDM’s an entry level to dance music, and I’m very happy about that. We fought so long for dance music to be respected there. EDM’s a sound America has latched on to, but once people start going left and right of that scene, they’re going to find their Art Departments, their Loco Dices and their Sven Väths – and that’s a really good place to be.

Whereas other artists such as Flume have expressed negativity towards the commercialization of EDM and the crowd that comes along with it, Carl seems to see the rise in EDM as an opportunity for listeners to discover their own dance music niche.

Carl also touched upon upcoming projects for the remainder of the year:

I’m concentrating on doing remixes for smaller artists and record labels. I’ve also got another project that I’m doing with Nile Rodgers. We worked on a techno track when he brought Chic to Australia earlier this year. That’s my ambition: to get Nile Rodgers playing techno events!

For more on Carl Cox including his first-ever Vegas residency and some of his favorite guests at Revolution, read his full Mixmag interview.