Anjunabeats‘ own technical master is back for another round on his brand new imprint and these two, stellar singles promise to enrapture both accustomed aficionados and eager new comers towards his incredibly complex sound world. The extraordinary talents of Jaytech first sowed his roots as one of the main bodies within Anjunadeep‘s list of artists, as miraculous singles such as Genesis, Pepe’s Garden and collaborations such as Pranktech with Soundprank and Milano with Boom Jinx have remained as some of the most sought after pieces within the label’s back catalog. Already, we have seen the culmination of two stellar albums with his first being Everything Is OK before making the huge switch onto the main label of Anjunabeats with the release of his second album, Multiverse. Since then, he has seen massive success with singles such as Innovation, Inception and Labour Of Love with the thrilling vocals of Nathan Grainger, as well as his recent smashers of Earthbound and Megastructure, which received support from Juventa, Andy Moor and Gareth Emery, (and even received support from Progressive House artists such as Maor Levi and Fedde Le Grand!). However, Jaytech has broken away from Anjunabeats for the time being in order to unveil his newest project: the release of his own personal label entitled Positronic Digital. This imprint has already seen the works of FIVE different singles from the man and now, he is set to release two more genre smashing singles in a dual EP entitled Ticon and Arrival.


Jaytech- Ticon (Original Mix)

In his own words, Jaytech describes this piece as, “A gritty electro-edged trance epic. Soaring in sound and energy.” However, we here at Your EDM see much more than that, and we can deftly understand the immense potential that this track contains. Normally, Electro doesn’t mix too too well with Trance like elements, but with an artist that continuously strives to destroy any semblance of conventionality, he somehow makes it work. It’s very difficult to mix Tech and Electro into one cohesive track, as evidenced with many of Anjunabeats‘ recent releases, which, (although they sound great), has gotten too formulaic within its designs. Jaytech ‘loosely’ follows this formula, but doesn’t strictly adhere to its confining shackles; instead, he chooses to utilize his expertise as a technician to wonderfully grind the two together for a release that continuously changes throughout its run in true, anthropomorphic fashion. Upbeat blips and snappy percussion keep things under control while a burdensome Electro line crunches through the phrase in full, peak time prowess as subtle white noise effects are scattered throughout the soundscape and positioned at just the right places for maximum effect. The breakdown introduces some Japanese style piano stabs as haunting, coercive vocals add an interesting timbral touch towards the phrase while the continuous, computerized ticking of tech synths steadily persist throughout. While the original release remains the same throughout the second drop, it also expands upon it with chilling bass tones and uplifting synth pads for a brief, yet energizing combination of elative emotions and gritty torque.


Jaytech- Arrival (Original Mix)

While underneath the same vein as Ticon, Arrival offers a fresh, new interpretation of Jaytech‘s newest sound with the fantastic combination of various styles and inspirations underneath one, single track. In his own words, he describes Arrival as, “Slamming melodic progressive house. In true Jaytech style, a peak-time guitar riff takes it to another level.” But it is so much more than that, and it’s all due to the incredible sound selection that his exploratory mind comes up with. He could have gone the easy way out and just utilized Vengeance samples and the like; but instead, he understands the importance of true, original sounds, and as a connoisseur of naturally selected sounds, he is king with unique orchestrations and deft, infallible sound designs as a whole. Throughout the entire track, hidden elements of Chiptune enters the foray to add a cool, retro twist to the entire piece and the cool conversation between different, multilayered basslines offers new and exciting possibilities of timbral differences. The breakdown quickly switches focus away from the brutal, technical lines into the first instance of something cool and melodic and while that part is quite enjoyable to listen to, he again flips on a dime and brings us back to slamming, techy goodness. However, he smartly combines the two together for a mass conglomeration of styles that intensifies throughout once the heavily engaging duo of twinkling sounds and main lead synths come through with commanding lead and intention.


Jaytech‘s newest singles, Ticon and Arrival, are out now on Positronic Digital via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q