“Idiot Proof” is a new single from Saberteeth that is going to blow your speakers up, and blow you away. I mean, from the start there’s already an overbearing amount of wild energy. For all you ragers out there, this track is for you, even if you happen to be an idiot.

Although the premiere of the track is taking place right here, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get your hands on a copy, if your hands can handle the heat. The complextro/dubstep hybrid track hits you from all different angles, with even more numerous sounds doing the damage. There’s just so much going on that you probably have to have a little crazy edge to get into this batty production. Each different phrase could have made a song all on its own, however Saberteeth took the time to construct something really special that trumps a lot of the electro/bass tracks that see their way into the ears of the masses. Have a listen to this, but prepare, because this is definitely going to be the nuttiest thing you hear today.