Veterans of the site and a personal favorite of mine, Black Tiger Sex Machine come stomping back in full force with their new The Grave EP. Encased in the EP are two vastly different songs that provide contrast and two new directions for the Tigers.

First off is the absolutely smashing track “The Grave” featuring Apashe and the vocals of Gabriella Hook. This song feels like the anthem for a war; a war on your ears and the dance floor. It’s catchy, in your face, and something that’ll make you go wild. There’s so much complexity to the track; it just leaves me in awe to keep hearing new elements in the song. Contrasting this and turning 180 degrees in terms of vibe “I Won’t Stop” is a song I have been waiting to come out ever since hearing it in the Going Quantum podcast guest mix BTSM did. The best way I can describe this track is as a midnight walk through empty streets with a mixture of reflection and on-look to the future. There is so much soul to this track and its something that would fit perfectly in the epilogue to a film like Redline or Cowboy Bebop.

Black Tiger Sex Machine are always striving to push themselves forwards as artists and this EP demonstrates the progression they have made. It was released today through the trio’s label, Kannibalen Records.

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