“Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz surely doesn’t have a shortage of remixes. However, The Rooftop Boys are here with their version, which easily falls within the top flips, for me. When approached for a premiere, once I heard what these cats did, I instantly, and enthusiastically said “Yes please.” The track is too damn groovy I tell you. They manage to pull off such an intimate sound that plays perfectly with the original vocal that certainly isn’t left out of this edit; in fact, I don’t think it could have been worked in better. What really gets me, though, is the bassline, which I already know is going to haunt me as I go about my day when I am not listening to the song on repeat. The Rooftop Boys produced a track that is appropriate in any circumstance whether you are lounging with some homies, gigging at a club, or even having the time of your life at the mainstages. I mean they can’t always play bangers right? Well, this is even better than most of the “bangers” that get played there anyways. And it comes to you as a free download. Rejoice!

Free Download