Certainly you like some funk in your day. Personally, I like me some Manic Focus, as well as some Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, especially. “Bumpin’ In The Voodoo” is the combination of these two, which basically means you’re getting the grooviest sounds around. The single comes as the acts are on tour together; such an appropriate time to bring attention to that fact, and yes, I’d buy tickets. As far as the song, imagine how good you think the combination would be, and then double that. They capture the arts of (OG) sampling, original production, as well as live elements perfectly together. I mean, the piano and the sax alone are enough to move get me excited, and there’s so much on top of that. I’m telling you now, buy Cerebral Eclipse when it comes out. This is the lead single from the album; however, if I were to guess, Manic Focus has plenty of more bombs to drop on us. And I can’t wait.

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