Moombahton, my love. She’s here via the disciple we call Kapo in the form of Viva La Moombah Kuatro. And please, if you don’t know Spanish, don’t think that four starts with a “k,” okay? Do know this: the three tracks that make up this EP are crisp and classic. There’s just something about that dembow that gets me every time, and there’s no shortage of it here. It kicks right off with “Karajo,” a smooth single that gets you bumping along nicely. Prez One hopped on “El Chombo,” with Kapo for the second track on the EP. For some reason, I can just picture a ton of moombah lovers ritualistically congregating together to this. Wouldn’t that be something? Lastly, “Problematico” picks the groove back up with its undeniably sexy sound. These are tasty musical treats; devour them, enjoy them. Purchase them. Shout out to Groove Therapy Records for the release.

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