Halloween is upon us, friends and as this ghoulish day of frivolity quickly approaches we’ve already seen a wide spread of mixes released from our favorite artists. Adding to this year’s collection, it’s our pleasure to reveal another mischievous premiere from the man himself, DJ Woogie. Interlacing eerie piano melodies with a frightening vocal sample, ‘Fear’ is just what you need to get your Halloween season kicked into gear. With your best interest in mind, we advise that you don’t listen around small children or even women, because this record is terrifying.

‘Fear’ is available for free download with a like and a link to his Facebook page, so be sure to cop this track and play it at all of your Halloween shindigs. It will have guests spooked with fear and fright, shaking in their boots. Whether those shakes are from dancing or fear, either way this track is a win.