Ahhhh Trap and Bass always has good tunes coming. As a trusted source, I wasn’t hesitant to click play on a name, Cameron Alan, that was unfamiliar to me. I’m glad I did click play, because the Imaginary EP is one awesome project. His light-hearted sensibilities play well in the realm of trap. Whether you want to call these trap, future or whatever, they only really need to be labeled as dope. Of course, different styles from all over influence each single differently, leading to four tracks with a variety of sounds. As far as favorites, I think mine is going to have to be “Roar,” but when you know that I sat here for ten minutes trying to figure out which, you get the sense that they are all quality. Now that I know just how good Cameron Alan is, I know to be on the lookout for more material from this dude. You best do the same.

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