With the recent exploits of Mark Sherry‘s newest label, Outburst Records, it seems that Trance is taking yet another turn within its ever changing atmosphere as a new breed of Tech Trance artists are emerging victorious amongst the rest. For a little bit of background, Tech Trance was in in its prime back in the heydays of 2008-2011 with stellar tracks including W&W and Jonas Stenberg‘s massive collaboration, Alligator F*ckhouse and Mark Sherry‘s remix to Jonas Stenberg & Dave Schiemann‘s The Drop. With an almost overwhelming response to Uplifting and Trance nowadays, (to the point of over-saturation even), the time feels ripe to give Trance a kick in the ass with some dirty, torque induced Tech beats and brutal, face smashing basslines. As a natural born leader within the world of Tech, the crushing power of Tempo Giusto has always remained faithful to the genre while implementing exciting and innovative new sounds and textures. With sincere honesty, Tempo aptly remains as one of the most original artists that currently exist throughout the entire world of Trance, as breakout hits such as MOCKBA, Architekt and Blacksmith continue to turn heads with its stunning inspiration and unique, spectral utilizations. Throughout his career, he has been supported by big time heroes such as Armin van Buuren, Maarten De Jong, Ben Gold and Sied van Riel, and his influence is now moving towards a more favorable location now that many artists are currently moving into the harder stuff. To signify this new found confidence, Tempo Giusto now unleashes a bastard new tune entitled Cartel whose crazy, almost manic character will dominate any dance floor that it comes in contact with.

Long time readers will know that I am a fervent lover of all things beautiful, majestic and melodic, but that doesn’t mean that I love some of the harder stuff, and Cartel is definitely not for the faint of heart. Since it’s a Tempo Giusto piece, one can expect the unexpected, (pardon the cliche), throughout the track, as well as quality and variety throughout each individualized section. Right from the get go, it immerses listeners in greasy, needle-stabbing, Techy goodness, as the rotating basslines collide head on with maximal percussion sounds and a flurry of industrial sirens that continuously blare throughout the opening section. Each and every element of musical/technical aesthetics are directly on point and it allows itself to explore unforeseen territory without reverting to the same, tired Prog House formula that many other artists work off of. Throughout the breakdown, we start to hear small snippets of Trance with a classic melody as a cavalcade of beautiful pads and caressing harmonics fill the stage with mirth and wonder. However, it quickly becomes pressurized to the point of critical overload as nasty, vomit inducing Tech lines continuously emerges from the dark to disrupt any semblance of order and melody that was established in the previous melodic section. With just a few bars of abject silence to drink in the potential energy, it cold cocks us directly in the face with a brutal, Dutch style synth that relentlessly lashes about with abnormal sound effects and free ranged method of rhythmic implementations as unabaiting basslines and factory alarms makes us feel trapped in the mad world that is Tempo Giusto.

As an added bonus, this track was also featured as the #1 pick on Ferry Corsten‘s radio show, Corsten’s Countdown, and we here are thrilled to see where he takes his sound from here. Tempo Giusto‘s stunning new single, Cartel, is out now on Echelon Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q