We all know what a JEFFREE is by now, and we all know to expect only the most elite greatness from the independent Mad Decent outfit, which is why this newest release is oh so fitting. The same goes for Philadelphia native, G-Buck who never ceases to amaze us with the originality and flare of every track he puts out. This single is off of the What is a JEFFREE compilation, and it is complete madness. He has been on his own for quite some time, formerly one-half of Oddzilla, but the break from pretty much any affiliation has been one of the bravest and boldest moves in his young career.

This track is a direct reflection¬†of those qualities, representative of the individuality of G-Buck as an artist. It is personal and says everything about his character. He is one of the craziest dudes making some of the craziest music. “Go Psycho” lets you spend a couple minutes getting to know him. It is jarring and filled with surprises that wow every part of you. Can’t wait to see what is to come from this guy. In my book, he is one of the most respectable and talented in the industry. It is time for the world to see that and appreciate it.

He soon sets out for a monster tour with ChoppaDunks, Happy Colors, and JSTR. Keep an eye for them in a town near you. This lineup is certainly not to be missed. I expect great things from each of these dudes. Don’t sleep on any of them.

“Go Psycho” with them.