For the past few months random bootlegs and “leaks” have surfaced claiming to be Martin Garrix’s new music, all of which have been shot down by the artist himself. With not much word about his upcoming music, Martin Garrix has revealed in an exclusive interview with EDM Sauce that he has 20 new songs that will be coming very soon.

Within these 20 new songs are collaborations with Hardwell, Ed Sheeran and Julian Jordan, all of which were not confirmed prior to the interview. It would seem that the superstar teenager’s quiet few months in the studio are about to be revealed to the world in stunning fashion.

While a few more collaborators were confirmed, Martin Garrix also revealed that he would love to work with both Calvin Harris & Lana Del Ray in the future. Both dream collaborations are not far from Martin’s social reach and I think we would all like to see him bring a bit of a new edge to Calvin Harris’ poppy sound.

You can read the full interview and find out more HERE