Monstercat‘s 19th edition of their legendary compilation album is even better than the last. In celebration of their three year anniversary and the torrent of incredible tunes that has come out of the Vancouver based label, this thirty track collection is one for the record books.

Including a record from Tut Tut Child‘s just released Ask Your Friends First EP, Varien & 7 Minutes Dead story driven Mirai Sekai EP, and an incredible live-performed mix from Didrick which samples tracks all throughout Monstercat’s history; 019 might just be the best album from this talented collection of artists yet.

Also take a look as Varien and Au5 interview each other, and talk 019 and their influences behind their tracks on the compilation.

Below we have picked our five favorite tracks, in the order they appear, but we encourage you to pick you own and comment with your selection below!

Au5 – Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter)

Glitched out interludes clash with Tasha’s magnificent vocals to create the perfect storm of bass and melody in this fifth track of thirty from Au5 & Tasha Baxter.  An off-time percussion breakdown perfectly compliments the layered, liquid drop and intertwined vocals that the maestro has become world renowned for; Snowblind is a huge contribution to 019.

Aero Chord – Boundless

Aero Chord is the indubitable champion of future trap music and Boundless is here to cement that fact. Characteristic percussion and bass strokes drive this record forward in brutal fashion from inception to close. Trap style drops betwixt powerful breakdowns are complimented by unique sampling and robust melodic builds that will have you losing your mind no matter the setting.  High energy and an irreproducible sound will bring this Grecian the wealth of success that he deserves.

Rootkit – Against The Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)

Rootkit is quickly gaining an incredibly passionate following with his future dnb and drumstep tracks that stand up to criticisms from some of the most influential taste-makers in the game. Against The Sun is no different. With Anna Yvette lending her enchanting vocals to a hook that sticks in your head in the best possible way, and melodies which meld perfectly with brilliantly constructed risers, this youngster is here to prove his mettle in a world saturated by producers striving to be the next best thing.

Case & Point – Error Code

Case & Point are purveyors of electro house, an interminably diverse genre that boasts some of the most talented producers in the game. This latest Monstercat release, Error Code, goes a long way to maintain their legacy of masterfully constructed productions; and further establishes them as one of the top artists in the field. This record also clarifies to their audience that vocals are neither a necessity or a crutch for this dynamic duo. Ornate melodies, powerful plucks, impeccable sound design… the Boston natives have it all.

Varien – Valkyrie II: Lacuna (feat. Cassandra Kay)

It’s not quite dance music, it’s not even entirely electronic (as it incorporates some live elements)… in fact it’s an odd-ball among traditional Monstercat releases; but Varien doesn’t give a fuck. Rock-step is the best classification for this part two of the Valkyrie story, and you’ll soon hear why. This isn’t a normal electronic track which loses it’s flair within a few weeks of release, this is a timeless record that portrays the unadulterated mind behind the music, and boy is it beautiful.

Pick up the album today!