Did you really think I was gonna go through the whole Birthday of Moombahton without posting any? To my delight, someone I’ve pushed since my days at Moombroton, Kapo, has just released a song by the name of “Kaptain” (no, not this Kaptain), as a free download. I love Kapo’s work because of his minimal style that he’s continuously able to mold. It has a certain swagger, and this time it is exceptionally present. “Kaptain” is one of my favorite Kapo tunes because of it’s extra raw nature, a certain freshness that moombah doesn’t see as much as it needs to. The song is catchy, but there’s no real cheese factor that discredits the fact that this will get stuck in your head. For anybody looking to get into the genre, starting with this, or Kapo in general will be a good place for that.

Free Download