SomeoneHad2DoIt. But, who is that someone? We’re not really sure, but neither does anyone else in the public. As far as what is public about SomeoneHad2DoIt, one song is the meat of what we have. The free download is a fusing of two Kanye West tracks – both “New Slaves and “Mercy” – with an original instrumental. Some people are noting Zhu’s rise to fame and comparing this situation to his public beginnings. I can see why, this tune is quite a dope deep house record. The idea is creative and the original production is both groovy and catchy. Since the act is just starting out, the upcoming tracks are going to be crucial if Zhu status is going to be attained. For a first track, a lot of eyes and ears have already been on it, and people want more. Let this one tide you over until more SomeOneHad2DoIt jams come our way.

Free Download
Heart on Hypem