Suffering is unfortunately a part of life and sometimes the best refuge is music. In partnership with (RED) and Coca Cola, Avicii has teamed up with Wyclef Jean to create an emotional and moving track to support (RED) and their fight against aids. The track itself is great and full of soul, it retains a sound Avicii established in his album “True,” but at the same time opens itself up more and with the help of Wyclef a more vulnerable tune is made. Sometimes EDM gets a bad rep by the press so it’s fantastic to see this happen and seeing an artist use their influence for something larger than themselves. You can help support by buying the track from the link below.

Buy Divine Sorrow.


You can enter a contest for $10 to further help research on aids as well as have the opportunity to travel to some of the hottest edm event. If that wasn’t enough, you also have the chance to go on stage with Avicii himself. Info can be found here