If you’ve been on Facebook in the past hour you must have caught wind of some interesting things happening on Krewella’s facebook page. After remaining relatively silent for the past 3 weeks, Krewella decided to update both their Facebook cover and their Facebook profile picture, both of which are viewable below. The cover appears to be a re-design of their logo but what has everybody talking is their profile picture. Set on a black background, you can vaguely discern the words “Say Goodbye.” Now there have been some rumors that this is in reference to the recent events surrounding Kris Trindl’s lawsuit, but it appears that instead Krewella fans might be receiving┬ásome new music from the group.

Here is a now deleted tweet by Adventure Club:

We have contacted Krewella and their management for confirmation, so do take this with a grain of salt, but right now it does appear more likely that this recent social media activity is in reference to some new music, rather than a breakup announcement.

Note: The wording of Adventure Club’s tweet is rather interesting as “the new Krewella” could be read as new music or as Krewella re-imagining themselves and their sound, which would fit with the new logo.

Krewella’s Facebook Profile Photo:

Krewella’s Facebook Cover Photo:

Image Source: Krewella | Geris Hilton