What we thought would be a stream of the Yousaf sisters actually speaking out about the recent Krewella controversy with former member Kris Trindl was instead an under-handed tactic at releasing a new song. While in the limelight of their current legal battle & paired with the ominous phrase “say goodbye,” the announcement implied a completely different ongoing than what actually occurred during their “live stream.” With thousands tuned in expecting to see and hear the personas of the Yousaf sisters, we were instead relayed the stream of a new track entitled “Say Goodbye” and left dumbstruck questioning if this was the summation of their announcement; which it was. Coupling with the email gate used to garner the information of the thousands who surely downloaded this track for free, I left feeling slighted. Such manipulation of their fans comes across as unjust and undeserved.

The infamous deadmau5 summed it up perfectly in one tweet:

The release boldly states a new direction for the pair, however, with heavy rock origins and masterful production. The sisters nail the vocals and vibe to a tee, and a bright future may await them in the arena of hybrid rock; but it’s the lyrics that serve to leave me speechless.

one more word before I break
look before you fall from grace
read my lips and shut your face
maybe you’re the one to blame
same old story every day
trip and fall and run away
the truth is gonna find you,
life is gonna fuck you

It’s harsh, it’s vulgar, and one could even argue it’s a step too far from the trio turned duo.