Every now and then, fans get a glimpse of where some of their favorite tracks are being made by their go-to artists. From bedroom producers to top-dollar DJs, we have seen tons of the home studios of many of our favorite electronic musicians over the years. Thanks to new photos that have recently surfaced, the world can see another home studio of a newly voted number one female DJ (according to NRJ).

The reality-television star, model, actress, and Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton has shared through her Instagram account where music and DJ-ing happen. From these photos everyone can see unopened boxes of a keyboard, midi-controllers, and more DJ/producer equipment as well as her display of her knob-twisting prowess. Under the fancy chandeliers and the high-class wallpaper, Paris fans now get a sliver of a glance at where this celebrity plays with tunes all day when she’s not busy with photo-ops, award shows, and playing gigs. Say what you want about Paris, but at least she has the right tech to start working in this industry. The one thought I’m left with after seeing these photos is wondering how often she touches that massive console next to her computer and below her speakers.

What do you guys think?

Paris Hilton - Studio 1

Paris Hilton - Studio 2

Paris Hilton - Studio 3