Last week, Henry Steinway released his debut album VOID under his RL Grime alias. In the album, Henry showcases his trap/bass music entity in a completely different way from his previous releases of singles, remixes, and EPs. To add to the hype of his album on the label WeDidIt, RL Grime has delivered the music video for one of the songs in the album called “Valhalla” that features extra production from Djemba Djemba.

The video is an incredible, computer-generated trip including black helicopters, a grand tank, and ominous plot. What’s particularly great about this music video is its cinematic and surreal feeling while simultaneously flowing flawlessly with the music’s booming bass and scattered snares. If you’re a fan of the video, expect visuals like this to accompany Henry on his VOID tour starting in December and covering almost all of North America.

Album Artwork: WeDidIt