It’s just every once in a while an artist comes along that allows the music to speak for itself. So it isn’t necessarily us doing the speaking about what is going on, but the music we prefer to post about. When this EP came across my desk, shrilling death metal with jungle tones and crude vocal tracks mixed together, it was just the type of grime and filth I have been looking for to express some feelings that are really too inappropriate to say. Words would only do them harm.

Luckily, Mexican producer Sebastian Carrillo, aka Billion Dollars, created this five-track EP called Satan Bass, which is just the middle finger everyone has been looking for. Each track is exactly what the artist intended, a genre with the sound of the EP’s title. Terrifying and guerilla and latin salsa all rolled into one. There really aren’t words to describe all the feels on Satan Bass, but Carrillo sums it up perfectly:

“This is the official release of “Satan Bass” as a whole new “Genre” but fuck genres anyway.”

Grab your machetes and bandanas, and get ready to go deep in the jungle and get gangster as fuck with this hermano. Don’t be afraid to like it, even if it makes you feel a little bad inside.