I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Said The Sky is one of the best producers out. His new single “Ares” is yet another example of why this cat needs to be in the minds of every dance music fan out there. He’s the type of dude that gets non-fans of certain styles of music into those styles because his music is just that good.

With “Ares” I noticed the genre was labeled as “liquid trap.” When artists go ahead and fuse genres in the tag like that, sometimes I’m a little scared because it’s more just flare to seem unique. Said The Sky is unique and he very much did create what could be called liquid trap. I love how he manages to infuse piano into his tracks so fluidly, no matter the if he’s pushing a bass heavy tune or some traphouse shit like this. The tune is straight up magical and what makes me even more happy is that he dropped this one for free. Get it now and show all your friends who will be one of the next big things in electronic music.

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Photo: Soundcloud