Last week seemed to be the week of “Heroes” remixes. Alesso’s hit is nothing short of sensational, and it is no wonder the world wants to remix it for their own. A few came across the newsroom floor, and every time I tried to write one up, another would float my way that was worthy of recognition. As with any original track this good, a majority of the remixes are bound to be of equal quality. I have compiled a few genres and artists, some known and some not, but all of their remixes worth a listen, or five. In fact each of these artists is worth a like and repost on SoundCloud for more than simply their remixes of this particular track.



This dude is an up and comer that has probably come up in the eyes of most, but if you don’t know about the genius that is Branchez, this remix of Alesso’s banger is a good intro. Tove Lo’s vocals are a perfect fit for his sound, and he distorts them just right, while teaking the track with his breaks that make this version stylistically his own. Like his classic, “Stay,” or remix of WhatSoNot’s, “High You Are,” this one may just make you cry. <3 it here.

Jai Wolf

Supported by Alesso himself, it is no wonder that this remix makes the list. Dropping the moniker No Pets Allowed was the best career move Sajeeb Saha aka Jai Wolf every made. Shedding the sheep to reveal a vicious animal that has attacked this scene and taken many a victim, Alesso only his most recent, but Skrillex also on that list. As are we at YourEDM, with an interview forthcoming from this up and comer, we thought you should peep his version of this track. Throw it a <3 on hypem by clicking here.


Is there even anything that needs to be said? Grandtheft remix. No more words necessary, to be honest. This guy is better than Midas, cause all he touches turns to gold that glitters. This remix, like everything else he does, is work of beautiful bass genius. <3 it here.

blvk sheep

These guys closed their opening set for Yellow Claw a few weeks ago with their remix of Heroes. I was backstage, and crying. Sweepingly melodic with some trap beats to back it, this track is a perfect entry to this very talented group. Keep your eyes out for blvk sheep, who will no longer be openers soon enough.


This makes the list because Yung M3H is quite the talented bass music artist who has not yet popped, but will surely do so if he keeps making music like this. Mostly a bedroom producer and quite possibly one of the coolest geeks I know, he has a slew of tracks worth a listen on his SC. This one included. It is a refix of the Branchez flip of the Alesso original. Quite a tongue twister, but sweeter on the ears than that concept was to verbalize. Check it out.


Kayzo has been dropping new kibble for his doggies, and is changing it up by the track. Versatility and originality reign true in this remix, as Kayzo gives it a DnB spin, and instead of drawing tears, this version is sure to draw shufflers and shakers to the dance floor to go rabid when this track drops.