A few words to sum up this collection of music, before I go in track for track and inside, outside, upside-down, and all around: future, digital, bass, international, drippy, trippy, love. Lost in some futuristic bar outside of this universe, beyond our time and space, where language is so unnecessary and these beats are all we need. They keep the peace, and as a collective we are happy, and not in some fake autocratic way. On some real utopia shit. Where bright lights and bouncy bodies and beats all moving in sync are all that matter.

That is what Moving Castle Volume 3 is about.

These guys have been something of a mystery since their inception, literally defined by their name, some floating castle in a video game that you’d have to be some sensei to uncover. Once you do though, you unlock all the secrets of the universe. The artists in this collective are the future; they’re the next level, and the fact that they keep putting together these compilations for us is just dropping hints for us to follow where they are going. That utopia I was speaking of is within reach, through the bars and beats and melodies of these guys right here.

Manila Killa opens us up with, “2 Du Matin,” featuring singer/songwriter Mark Johns, with whispers that drop into her vocals, of which I believe to be French. A groovy, sweet, and sexy track with trap beats that are straight up love, and whispers to lead us into the next track. Ba-Kuura and HYDRABAD produced the second track entitled, “Porsche Sunset,” which opens like a muffled Tokyo Drift, and strikes down on a beat that bumps with a bunch of futuristic, digital fills and sweet, watery vocals. It is like blowing bubbles under water, and what your voice sounds like when it hits the air. Just this ability to capture feels in this very fluid, enticing way; it is amazing.

And that is only track two.

The third, “What You Thinkin Bout,” by Bamf, has the same melodic, watery feels to it. The cranks and pops remind me of an old Postal Service track, and that is definitely the type of shit I like. A sweet, harplike melody and soft vocals echo in the background, as this tracks moves through you like it knows exactly what you are thinking about.

Right about now, not thinking about anything other than how this compilation gets better as it goes, or how every track is such amazing fire, it has me feeling all types of ways. Kappa Kavi’s, “Challenger,” is the next track in the volume, and I just don’t know where they find these guys. This track is chill trap vibes that are heavy and digital, packed hard with style and grace. So many things at the same time, that it is all and nothing at once.

The best part about Moving Castle is how international, how indiscriminately their music is made. So many languages and culture, and so much love.

Which brings us to the track on this album that has now brought me to tears for the third time. Mark Johns is just amazing. Her voice is beautifiul and it matters little that this track is all in French, “Pas Mieux,” is like those Italian operas that make sense to people who don’t understand a word of them, and I just cry.

So as not to hit too many feely feels, Vices and Yung Wall Street are on the next track trapping out the trap with a killer remix of SchoolboyQ’s, “Studio.” Of course staying romantic, but just getting a little deeper and harder, instead of being so girly about all of this. The next track, Jailo and AOBeats, “Fallin’,” is somewhere in the middle of those last two, and will really get the dance floor grooving, or the boot knocking. The electric guitar solo at the end is smashing in a completely different way.

Most of this music is straight baby-making sex music, let’s not lie. Oh, with a whole lot of bass and ambience. That is what the Moving Castle Collective does best, no doubt about that in my mind.

The last few tracks are representative of exactly that. This WRLD remix of a classic stardust track is like something you’ve heard a million times, but never heard before. Certainly not like this. Admittedly tho, the music does sound better with you. And by you, I mean the entire Moving Castle Collective.

Dirty Chocolate’s, “Singularity,” is like some scene from an indie romantic comedy, a good one like, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” into that moment when you’re in love and nothing gets better than that. That is what this song sounds like.

GEOTHEORY remixed Usher’s, “U Don’t Have to Call.” So you’re not in love. Get over it. Nuff said. Let this deep house vibes and Usher’s lyrics heal that unbroken heart. Dance it off babe.

Hunt For the Breeze never disappoints, not fucking ever. This royal track entitled Louis XIV will get you with its regal bass drum and heavy sound, like we are marching towards something.

And we are. The end of this compilation. Robokid closes this out with a track called, “U&I,” and you just wish there was more than this to go on. The message is clear though, and it warms your heart. We can make it to the end.

This final track is just a tease, making you want so much more.  Another go, at the very least. I have had about 4 today. About to hit number 5. Download this, and listen. Each of these artists are sending us this shit from the future remember, so enjoy. Listen enough, and maybe they’ll take you with them on their journey back.


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