It is no surprise to many fans of electronic music that EDM has attained massive mainstream success and is much bigger now than it has ever been before. People old and young producing countless pieces of music are finding monumental success in this genre along with an enormous fan base to back them up. Most recently, the world can see the effective success of electronic music by looking at one of Forbes Magazine’s latest articles.

Forbes has recently published an article ranking the highest earning celebrities under the age of thirty for . The list is layered with a variety of pop stars (such as Justin Beiber), musicians (such as Bruno Mars), and Jennifer Lawrence (as the sole actress on the list). Interestingly enough, however, progressive house giant Avicii and dubstep hero Skrillex both made the very end of the list sitting on the ninth and tenth spots respectively. Both artists stand just ten million dollars apart from each other and are proof of the incredible power electronic dance music has had over the last few years by where it has taken these young men.

10. Skrillex – $18 Million
9. Avicii – $28 Million
8. Lady Gaga – $33 Million
7. Jennifer Lawrence – $34 Million
6. Miley Cyrus – $36 Million
5. Rihanna – $48 Million
4. Bruno Mars – $60 Million
3. Taylor Swift – $64 Million
2. One Direction – $75 Million
1. Justin Bieber – $80 Million

Source: Forbes
Photo credit: Erik Voake