For fans of Kannibalen Records, you may be wondering why the label is releasing a project from an artist who isn’t signed to the label themselves. That artist is Charlie Darker, and once you hear his HMF EP that came out on Tuesday, you’ll know why Kannibalen jumped all over it. In 2012, the Canadian producer dished out a remix for Black Tiger Sex Machine that was some next level shit; fast forward two years and he brings more next level work to the label.

HMF is made up of two songs, “HMF” and “Kreechers,” both of which share a similar style of electro and breaks mashed together. It’s a fresh and energetic sound that 2015 may see a lot more of. We got a glimpse of it with Charlie’s remix of “Crank” and now this project has proven to me that he is ahead of the curve. There’s a certain rawness I can’t shake with either track. For ravers looking for a good time, they need not go anywhere but here. Charlie has got you covered in a big way.

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