Manila Killa is among the elite of tastemakers in today’s doldrum industry where everything sounds the same. He never, ever disappoints as with the first track of today’s released collection from the Moving Castle Collective, featuring the vocals of the brilliant Mark Johns.

This release is a horse of a different color, a remix of Tegan and Sara. Not only one of MK’s favorites, but pretty much a favorite of any lover of music for the last 20 years or so. Girls and boys alike have been letting their feels out with T+S since way before electronic music was a blip on the radar of many.

Makes this remix that much more exciting, cause “Walking With A Ghost” is such a dope rock and roll song, but Chris’s flip just had my eyes in the back of my head. Felt like I was walking with the ghost of my future self and past self together as one. That is what remixes like this do to my feels.

Check out this remix. Here is what Manila Killa had to say about it:

“I was put up to the task of remixing one of my favorite artists – Tegan & Sara. This was a challenge as ‘Walking With A Ghost’ was a rock n roll track, but I flipped in a way so that Tegan & Sara fans and my fans alike could enjoy something brand new and fresh.”

~ Manila Killa

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