Following the massive success of  Tritonal’s Metamorphic: III EP Enhanced Recordings has released a collection of remixes of one of the EP’s tracks, “Anchor.”  The remix EP features six different versions, including Tritonal’s own club mix which has been in steady rotation in their latest sets. In addition to Lush & Simon and M35‘s remixes which have already been released, the Anchor EP also includes tracks from Rootkit, Noisetorm and Unlike Pluto. Each brings a wildly different approach, completely unlike Tritonal’s style: Rookit’s remix keeps the melodic hook but adds a House-like drop, Noisetorm picks up the pace with Drum n’ Bass, and Unlike Pluto rounds out the group with the most mellow remix of the set. Listen to all six below and tell us which one is your favorite!

Tritonal’s Anchor EP is available today on iTunes and Beatport.