The man behind the Mouse head has either mistakenly allowed users via Google Play to download his album, “>album title goes here<, or has released it with no marketing behind it to allow those that keep a close eye – a nice little gift. This record of his has been coined with having some of his most famous work including, “Channel 42” and “The Veldt”; so there is no saying if this promotion will run forever. So download it while it lasts!

>album title goes here< on Google Play


1. “Superliminal” 6:15
2. “Channel 42” (with Wolfgang Gartner) 4:48
3. “The Veldt (8 Minute Edit)” (feat. Chris James) 8:25
4. “Fn Pig” 8:42
5. “Professional Griefers” (feat. Gerard Way) 4:04
6. “Maths” 6:38
7. “There Might Be Coffee” 7:00
8. “Take Care of the Proper Paperwork” 6:52
9. “Closer” 6:58
10. “October” 7:10
11. “Sleepless” 4:06
12. “Failbait” (feat. Cypress Hill) 4:49
13. “Telemiscommunications” (with Imogen Heap) 4:03

-chris w-