Artec is from Miami so he is pretty much guaranteed to be good.

Well, that isn’t true at all, but Miami is sort of an east coast hub for many goings-on in this industry. Record labels, management firms, and of course local artists on the rise still waiting on that big come up. Or maybe not. Maybe they just want to make beautiful music for the world to hear. Maybe they believe that music can succeed in changing the world.

Maybe that is just me. 

The city of Miami is definitely generalized in my brain to the point of stigmatization. I’d rather go to any other festival than Ultra, and even when I get music from someone from there, I automatically think broey big room house or techno or trance is making its way to my ear drums. I am accepting of all genres, but those are not really my bag. Needless to say, I was judging this artist by the city in which he lives, which is unfair, and the opposite of tenets that make up my moral code.

I am sorry. I am flawed.

Luckily, this was sent by a homie of mine, and I gave Artec’s music a listen. I have been bumping his whole melodic, musically elevated catalog through my speaker all day. That is how I prep a writeup, especially of an artist of whose catalog I am unfamiliar. It dawned on me that I misjudged Miami as I make my way down the Soundcloud of super talented Artec. He does a little bit of everything which is the type of shit I really like. Some of his remixes are melodic dubstep and others are just plain beautiful.

This track is a remix of a beautiful tune, “Sister” by Andrew Belle. Already sold on this guy’s talent, I needed no further push to write up this track and the write up pretty much wrote itself. This is a true artists in our time of ghost produced, mass produced, same old drab [insert generic genre]. He takes risks with his music, and uses those very musical elements from original songs. He puts not only himself into the tracks he makes, but gives each track the complexity that sound deserves.

For that, I thank him. 

The most impressive piece of this remix is the preservation of the guitar from the original track. It is an instrument I once thought vital to any musical composition. I rarely hear it in this line of work. Big ups to Artec, for making Miami and himself look pretty good from up here. This is the opposite of an insult, but the melody in this remix is like an acoustic guitar cover of “Language.” I imagine he’d be okay with the Porter comparison. As I sit here, I can draw more similarities than that between Artec and Porter.

Keep an eye on this dude. YourEDM already has been. We posted “Sister” through our collection page.

Big Ups.