Expect the unexpected with this track. Surprises have continuously come from the woodwork that is Choppa Dunks. It is so obvious where he got the name Choppa. It is like Shabba but more fitting, the hybrid Choppa phonetically reminding us that it says NYC/Bermuda on this dude’s profile. His sound is so island, so tropical, and of course with no shortage of chops. Or screws for that matter. The last hour and a half has been filled with dutty, rude boy vocals over dark, deep jungle beats.

These are just generalizations, and in no way do they sum up all that is Choppa Dunks. His music is next level not because it is any one thing, but because it is a combination of all things. Jungle, island, twerk, tropical, bass, trap and so much more.

Perusing his Soundcloud makes it that much more obvious that Choppa Dunks is a rude boy at heart, and a lover of all things dark, creepy, and weird. Also trap and hip hop influenced and probably so many other things I am forgetting. His latest release proves this that much more true. I too am a rude boy, sitting in a chair and having my dreadlocks meticulously twisted, so this release was all too appropriate, and I’ve listened to the track at least seven times since it was still a private track earlier today. It is quite obvious to me with how long it took to write this that there is so much that could be said about Choppa Dunks, his talent and personality both so radiant that we were instant friends.

Simply put, he gets it and he isn’t afraid to show it. He takes risks that yield results, like speeding up the vocals on his bootleg of “Come Around” by Collie Buddz, so that it sounds like a woman’s vocals. I assure you, if you listen hard enough, you can tell this is just a dope bootleg that gives a track entirely new meaning, and a sound completely separate from the original.

This track is a piece of recycled art that goes in hard, as Choppa Dunks is known to do.┬áThere is probably very little Choppa won’t do, having remixed a Die Antwoord track that will scare the shit out of all of us, but to which I cannot stop listening. The vocal edits on this track are the most important part, turning Collie Buddz’s voice all the way up to an unrecognizable pitch, making this bootleg that much more original, which directly reflects the talent of homie Choppa Dunks.

Click the buy link for a free copy of this track, and a bootleg of CoCo to boot. I guarantee you instant fandom.