We here at YourEDM love the dudes over at Disciple Recordings. In addition to having a great roster of artists, including Virtual Riot and Dodge & Fuski, they’re a relatively young label that have managed to make quite an impact on the future of the bass scene. One of the newer artists to the label, Diamond Eyes, has just released his You & Me EP that showcases his diverse range as not just a dubstep producer, but all-around bass.

The first two tracks on the release are unequivocally my favorite, “Oceans” and the title track “You & Me.” I can only imagine that with no featured artists listed, the vocals are Diamond Eyes’ own, in which case, major kudos are in order. More and more of these multi-talented producers are popping up, and I’m absolutely loving it. As for the sounds on the tracks, it’s a very raw 2012-2013 dubstep sound, which means it’s got some more outdated chord progressions and synths, but he still makes it work. “Tonight” is a downtempo bassy track with some serious house inclination. It’s a nice effort but I feel that there are still some deeper sounds there that weren’t quite developed enough for someone whose wheelhouse is usually dubstep. The last track “Here We Are,” on the other hand, is a genreless, pretty tune that has a lot of potential. It’s simple in its construction, but the progression is enough to keep you interested all the way through.

I know that it may seem like a harsh critique, but I really did enjoy the You & Me EP. I believe that Diamond Eyes, with help from the other producers on the label, has a lot of potential for greatness. We’ll all look back on this EP and think, “Wow, look at all he has accomplished since then.”

You can purchase the You & Me EP, out now on Disciple Recordings, from the links below.