Hopscotch shreds this music thing, like whoa. A female and the holy trinity of making dance music, she is all three DJ/Producer/Vocalist sort of like the modern version of a one man band. A one-stop shop for the freshest and most dope of trap+future bass vibes, her abundantly apparent exceedingly superior talent is pleasurable and beautiful; completely inspiring. Through the music of Hopscotch, if we look hard enough and are open to understanding, we can see and feel beyond a little girl’s game to the person that is this great artist of our time.

Those may be big shoes to fill, but something tells me Hopscotch has a steel toed 20-lace pair of heavy combat boots to stomp the numbered boxes on the ground, along with anything else that threatens her freedom or artistic expression. Which brings us to her latest release, “So Savage,” which premiered on Kick Kick Snare. KKS nailed it in their review, calling this track a “massive pop trap dreamscape, wrapping a massive low end and broken beats in a reverb drenched haze, hypnotic chimes and heavily manipulated vocals.

The last Hopscotch review was for a horse of a very different color. It was a brilliant joke that maybe no one even understood. Hopscotch’s music isn’t all “Pretty Girl Swag,” in fact it is mostly tribal and future and way deeper feels than the basic beats pumping from the speakers of so many. This track particularly, and so many others of hers, are a testament to the insurmountable talent of a renaissance woman.

One badass chick. Do yourselves a favor and change it up with, “So Savage,” and the rest of Hopscotch’s kick ass catalogue. This one is available for free download. Keep an eye on this fine young lady as she is gearing up to destroy the live music scene as we know it.

DJ. Producer. Vocalist. Hopscotch.

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