Liquid Amber is a digital music label curated by DJ Shadow. Launched in 2014, Liquid Amber is designed as a resource for emerging artists as well as a soundboard for anything and everything beats-oriented and dope. Not trying to take over the world, just trying to make it better through music.

Liquid Amber, a dope new DJ Shadow endeavor, came correct with this release. Its first signee is next level, futuristic even in name. Aaron Triggs is his real name, but for all intents and purposes, Bleep Bloop is what he is called. Bleep Bloop makes heavy, heavy bass music that is a welcomed mixture of all of all its subgenres rolled into one signature sound in the form of a three track EP entitled 10 Watt Lazers.

DJ Shadow knows what he is doing here, and this album is proof positive.

If there is one thing bass music heads love as much as bass, it is lazers. This EP pew pew pews, spitting bright rays of light, as well as heavy bass into every one of your orifices, face especially. Even the album artwork reflect this label’s very specific mission.  It is this bizarre dubstep/future bass hybrid with trap sounds, and oh so much bleeping and blooping. It is a taste of the past stuck into the most future of noises, showing the influences of hip hop and grime within fundamental aspects of dubstep and many other bass heavy genres.

It is the cohesion of all of these things that makes this EP, and Bleep Bloop himself, one of the most refreshing things to hit the electronic dance music scene. Bleep Bloop combines his own personal influences with current trends and an obsession with space, and research removes any odd reactions about his music. It becomes less bizarre and more obvious with every listen, that this combination of sporadic noises is super intentional and makes perfect sense in this imperfect world. Each of the three tracks, “10 Watt Lazers,” “Denial,” and “Crushed,” reflects something different in its own rite, yet portrays the same bigger picture. Old school bass heads and past/present day trappers all the way into the future bass music hipsters should show some love to this EP and DJ Shadow’s new label Liquid Amber. If you’re really old school, the 7″ vinyl is available on Bleep Bloop’s bandcamp. 

We are loving it, and looking forward to seeing what Liquid Amber brings forth this coming new year. For now, 10 Watt Lazers is available for free download.

Catch Bleep Bloop at coveted venue Low End Theory on January 14, 2015.