Vegas’ biggest club just added over 22 new clubs to their roster. The Hakkasan Group, owners of the Hakkasan night club and affiliates, just inked a deal to acquire the Light Group for $36 million dollars. The Light Group owns a total of 22 properties including various day clubs, restaurants and night clubs.

The deal, which is to be finalized next month, would make the Hakkasan Group the largest non-gambling company on the Las Vegas strip reports Hakkasan CEO Neil Mofitt. The Hakkasan group already owns 8 nightclubs and 7 restaurants worldwide and this new deal will solidify their spot as the powerhouse in club entertainment. The deal would include several other prominent nightclubs on the Las Vegas strip, essentially cornering the market for the Hakkasan company.

With the club scene only on the rise, especially with the influx of EDM into the american market, the deal demonstrates Hakkasan’s dedication to becoming one of the biggest entertainment company in the industry.

Watch the CEO of Hakkasan talk about creating a global brand:

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