last December, Paul Bäumer of the Bingo Players passed on after losing his battle with cancer.

A couple of months later and at the second night of the ‘San Francisco takeovers’, Skrillex paid a unique tribute to his ‘good buddy’ and now, year later, we pay our respects yet again.

After riling the crowd up and declaring that they should ‘rage for Paul’, Skrillex played Cry (Just A Little), which now maintains a rather sad and unfortunately ironic aspect.

However, that doesn’t stop the crowd from having a good time and forming a conga line around the DJ decks, blaring out the Bingo Player’s hit.

It’s a cliche but surely this is what Paul would have wanted. Instead of a moment of silence, we have the continuation of the The Bingo Players and the remembrance of Paul through his music.

Photo credit: BPM Supreme