One of my seriously favorite things in the world is an outtakes video. I love seeing people mess up at things they’re supposed to be good at. My favorites ever are probably Parks & Recreation or Jackie Chan movies, they’re always high quality f**k ups and they make me feel all warm inside, like “Oh, if they’re supposed to be so good at this and messing up, maybe I’m not so bad!”

Bringing the degree of relevancy ever closer to our mission statement here at Your EDM, the recent video that Triple J put out promoting their Top 100 has surfaced with an outtakes session. Surely these seasoned DJs and performers aren’t used to being on camera and *gasp* acting! The video is only about two and a half minutes long, but you get a good variety of goofs, flubs, and chuckles. Watch as SkrillexSteve Aoki and more miss their lines, get confused and have a grand ole time.

Check it out below.


Source: Billboard