Happy holidays, everyone, we’ve got a gift for you; a gift that will make you think, feel, and dance. Still in the dark? It’s music, of course! And some truly special music at that: YourEDM is proud to present Reptilian, the debut EP of Taos, New Mexico natives Subatomica.

Released via Party Time Society, a relatively new, forward thinking record label, Reptilian is four tracks of pure artistic passion. From the bass fueled meanderings of ‘Beaches of Venus’ to the 10-minute psychedelic circus that is ‘Lizard’s Tonic’, Subatomica‘s music overflows with a sense of mysticism and longing, drawing the listener into a trance and keeping them there with an irresistible combination of electronic composition and organic instrumentation. Ancient tribal drum patterns clatter behind ambient & alien soundscapes as mournful melodies build and collapse over rivers of shiver-inducing sub-bass. This isn’t just music you hear, it’s music that resonates within you; those that get down to the sounds of artists like Daedalus and Kalya Scintilla may feel a familiar tug while listening through this EP.

In case it wasn’t clear by now, this is like nothing we’ve ever heard before. Trying to use words to describe this music is always going to fall short, so grab a quality pair of headphones and check out the full stream of Subatomica‘s Reptilian EP after the jump. If you’re feeling the vibes, make sure to support this talented duo by picking up a copy of your own on either Addictech or Beatport!


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