Buying over 150 tickets then trying to sell them for almost double retail is always going to result in a bad time, especially when Deadmau5 finds out. With the final show of the Guvernment being headlined by a legendary cast, ticket scalpers saw an opportunity to take advantage of all those who wanted to send off the club with a proper goodbye.

With some buying vast amounts of tickets and then proceeding to post to various online groups in attempt to see huge profits, Deadmau5 could not idly stand by; instead speaking out against fans buying from the scum, perhaps with alterior plans to make the event more accessible.

The infamous Canadian encountered even more unrequited attention while enjoying some food prior to a show, more specifically an adoring fan who couldn’t risk tweeting out a rather stalker-esque photo of him.

He fired back almost immediately, however, in hilarious fashion.

With black baseball cap and dark shades donned, it becomes obvious that Joel was trying to avoid notice. He does however remark that a simple “hi” would have been most welcome. Good guy deadmau5, we love you.