This is Fresh Face Friday! This is it! This is where it all comes to an end. If you are unaware of what is going on, here is a link to explain Your EDM’s, “Fresh Face Friday” segment in depth. But to give you a quick synopsis, this contest has spanned over a three month period starting back in October. There are three stages: a weekly, monthly and where we are now, the quarterly. Each artist below participated in individual months and won their weekly round which advanced them to compete against the other two artists who won in their month in the monthly phase. After winning both their weekly and monthly round, that placed them here in the Quarterly round, the final round where the winner takes all.

After this week of voting, whoever you all decide is victorious; that artist will be featured on Your EDM with a complete bio which includes: a one on one interview and their latest track or mini-mix showcased.

So without further ado, please take a few minutes to listen and read the bios of these three very talented artists that have worked so hard to advance this far to Fresh Face Friday Quarterly.

Mar Mar Binkz – Another Dubstep

Coming from Grand Rapids, Michigan, this young lad known as Marcus, A.K.A Mar Mar Binkz, has been producing for a little over 3 years. With inspiration from Datsik and Gramatik, that you can definitely hear in the mix, Mar Mar Binkz fell in love with EDM. Since his introduction, Marcus has picked up a ton of momentum and just continues to press on and release solid tunes. Producing has been his medicine and he hopes to be an inspiration to others.

Mar Mar Binkz on Facebook & Twitter

Tonicity – Impulse

Residing in Calgary, Tom started producing after being introduced to EDM about four years ago. He draws most of his influence from such artists as, Fractal, Au5, Seven Lions and Varien. Growing up playing classical piano for nine years, Tom shoots for one day incorporating heavily emotional EDM with his expertise in classical melodies and chords. Tom is certainly one to look out for as when I first heard his above track, I was nostalgically reminded of productions from Seven Lions and Fractal, my two go-to artists at the moment.

Tonicity on Facebook & Twitter

Some Dude – Face Of God

Some Dude, aka Stephen Cowan, has shot to fame in the last few years. After his appearances on Nickelodeons hit show “Victorious” and the release of his debut album “Yours Truly,” Stephen has become a… Oh wait, never mind that was Ariana Grande. Stephen leads a much simpler life than that. Born and raised in Kansas City, Stephen began producing at 17 because he realized he knew absolutely nothing about music. (Switching from third to first person now) I have always been really focused in mathematics and physics but once I started understanding music I began to see that math and music are essentially two languages attempting to express the same idea. Nature is an endless process of building up and breaking down. This cycle applies to everything, concrete or abstract. The only constant is change, so just flow wiffit!

Some Dude on Twitter & Instagram

There you have it. This poll marks two successful rotations of Fresh Face Friday! We’ve, to this point, featured 54 artists. All of which, bring their own awesome and unique flavor to dance music. Big shout out to everyone who has submitted, everyone that has competed and the biggest shout out to all of you who return week after week to vote – thank you. Hope you’ve enjoyed our last Fresh Face Friday within the Dubstep and Drum & Bass genre. As of next week, we will be featuring a clean slate, a square one start, from 0 round of Fresh Face Friday in a genre that is undisclosed until this round of voting ends – stay posted. Vote for a chance to win a Your EDM shirt and to push one of these fellas to the number one slot!

Happy New Year!
Results Quarterly
There it is. The winner of the second ever Fresh Face Friday competition. Thank you all so much that voted. I appreciate you all so much, without you this clock doesn’t tick. Special shoutout to Mar Mar Binkz and Some Dude – keep making incredible tunes.

Congrats to you Tonicity! You dun’ did great! We’ll be seeing you next week for your exclusive Your EDM interview!

Stay posted.

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