As I’m sitting here home alone jamming some music and doing some preemptive work for the new year, I remember that my close hombres have made plans for New Years such as: going to Florida, back home, Las Vegas or spending time with their significant others. Well, what’s a dude such as myself, or dudes and dudets out there in the same predicament to do with no plans as the year trembles to an end and the new one approaches fast?

The first thing I did was vote for Fresh Face Friday, o’ course, and the second thing; sit back and tune in for Skrillex + Diplo’s Madison Square Garden show featured complimentary to you on Live Nation’s channel with Yahoo Screens. The dynamic duo go on at 10 p.m. EST or 7 p.m. PST so grab a seat, hook a friend and tune in for one hell of a New Years; because when that clock strikes 7 p.m. for me, it’s time to crank it up.

Happy New Year!

Jack U in Madison Square Garden for NYE!

-chris w-